Adjusting to School

At Busy Bee, your child will be starting a brand new experience, and we hope to make it foundational. Each child reacts differently to new situations. Adjustment is personal, and it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks for individual children to become comfortable in a new environment.


It can be as hard for the parent to the leave child as it is for the child to leave the parent. Separation can be an emotional event for both. Your child will sense any sadness or apprehension that you feel. Your support and encouragement, a positive attitude, will always make the transition easier.


The staff is ready to assist your child at our “waving window”.  In this way, children become active participants, rather than idle observers, in the drop-off process. Because Busy Bee recognizes how difficult this is for parents of all experience levels, parents are always welcome to call during the day to see how their child is doing.